Saturday, October 14, 2006

Heaven is Not

at the end of my day
when i hang my hat and
hear my heart say
love is just a game you
don't play
you'll never win anyway

the sun goes down
comes the rain
when the water touch the
edge of your pain
when the cold air
reached your soul
you realized you're not

and the one day you came
chased my darkness away
only now
i find out what
it is all about

heaven is not
something you plan
heaven is not
it's not a promised land
heaven is not
it's not where you stand
it's when i hold your hand

Just For You: my friend


nico said...

hmm,tampak seperti lagu, eh,bukan ya?but it's nice...
oia,salam kenal,dapet link kamu dari blog chaidir

Lia Sweety said...

Salam kenal juga..
Ooo..temennya aCh ya?
Iya, itu emang lagu-koq..
Releasenya thn 2002, yg nyanyi orang Indonesia..hohoho..ada yg tau ga ya? Lagunya terkenal koq..:-)

ree said...


ngomongin sapa ni puisi?

Lia Sweety said...

Ada deeh..
Hehehe, mau taw ajaa..:-P