Monday, August 29, 2005

Serial Baru Angela Zhang: When A Dolphin Met A Cat

Ini serial terbarunya Angela! Aku dapetsinopsisnya dari Asian Fanatics. Tapi dari sini belum cukup ngerti juga sih...Sebenarnya Angela tuh berperan sebagai siapa??
English Sypnosis:Early in the morning, who doesn't want to stay in bed? -----Hua Lian's sun. In the world there are so many alarm clocks, they will simulteously set off no matter where it is. At least three.----Saturday's morning at 7 am, Ying Ying, Xu Wei, Tang Zong Yu, they are all awake. Hua Lian's Ying Ying, dashed out of her house; Xin Dian's Xu Wei change into black outfit, is about to bring grandpa's harmonica and legend, and go to an unknown place; Yang Ming Shan's that....sorry don't know its that pig head "Thunder God's Son" Tang Zong Yu's alarm clock --- Tang Zong Yu furiously threw the clock out of the window. Ying Ying hurridly rode his bicycle and met his closest buddy Lu Qi, happy greetings, its like there's nothing to worry about in the world, Lu Qi drove his elegantly drawn small bus, looks at Ying Ying and heartily said : "Today's weather is fine, there'll be plenty of tourists, there is surely money to be earned!" -----Ying Ying and Lu Qi drove in the little bus, back seats fully blooming with big Bo Si Ji flowers, Ying Ying followed Lu Qi and sang some "Yan Zhu Ming" songs, and looked at the faraway train on the railway track.At Xin Dian, there is Ying Zi's continous and urgent message left on the answering machine, Xu Wei blankly with expression, focused on keeping the harmonica and his grandpa's little wooden box that kept unknown secrets, no matter how hard Ying Zi yelled, Xu Wei remained cool and unaffected: After grandpa left, what his life remained is his grandpa's memory that belonged to the dolphin, Xu Wei picked up his bag and stepped out of the door, he is determined to leave his empty home, and proceeded to fulfill grandpa's dream to travel with the dolphins and this dream's destination is at Hua Lian.At Yang Ming Shan, the phone never stops ringing, Hua Hai Hotel's young owner Tang Zong Yu finally impatiently climbed out of his bed, his entrepreneur dad's overseas call kept hurrying him to go to the hotel to report in, to begin his first step in taking over management of the hotel. Clever and stubborn Zhong Yu, just got his MBA and return home, to deal with his dad, he thought of a "Li Mao Huan Tai Zi" strategy, no matter is it taking over management of the hotel or going back to his hometown Hua Lian, he has no interest in this matters. His main wish is to become the number one delicacy making chef.A pig head alarm clock plus Xu Wei---the person who don't grow eyes and takes himself to knock into cars, is late for his delicacy competition's examination time, but heaven is kind to him and let him unconsciously discovered that his most beloved delicancy master ALICE is working in his own Hua Hai hotel, this discovery, let him think back to Hua Lian, where he and his buddy is acting a real and false play of the role of the young owner of the hotel.Hua Lian's sun, and the dolphin's smile, will these touch and make the lazy cat's feelings move?
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